Red light reeducation

I recently read this article about how some bicyclists who are cited for running red lights on a bike have a choice of either paying their tickets or going to a cycling traffic class. The author chose the latter, learning about some important things along the way.

As I will continue to attest, legally cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other road users. On a bike on the road, bicycles are a vehicle. When we run through a stop sign or red light, we are breaking the law. It makes cyclists look bad, and it puts you into a very dangerous situation. By acting unpredictably, the one time you decide to fly through a stop sign when a driver doesn’t see you could be the last time.

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First look: My new 2010 Trek Madone

Part one of a three-part series.

As you probably have noticed, I like to bike – a lot. Although I really enjoy my riding my Trek Pilot, I wanted a better bike (what enthusiast doesn’t?). So I bought a new Trek Madone 6-series.

Why such a high-end bike, you might ask? The timing seemed right. Also, I work in a bike shop, so I got a bit of a break on the price. And I like the features of the 6-series, such as the frame is the lightest one ever built by Trek, it integrates the computer sensors, and it is made right here in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

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Welcome to the family

I need to send a shout out to all of the new little ones that were born into my family recently. My cousin Robin and his wife Jane recently had a boy named Logan. Rob’s brother Kevin and wife Katie also had a boy named Nicholas (he is big brother Bobby’s new little sibling). Congratulations to all of you – we’re proud of you on this side of the pond.

Cycling season returns

I’ll admit that I’m mostly a fair-weather cyclist. I ride during the spring, summer, and fall. I don’t ride in the snow… yet. At any rate, I get excited when most of the snow melts. It means that I can finally get off the trainer and do some real riding.

So when we finally had some decent weather this past week, I got on the bike and rode to and from work. I only got to ride a couple of days, just in time for more snow to come this weekend. But it sounds like it may be minor, and we should have some nicer days ahead. Continue reading

Snow – and lots of it

It’s December in Wisconsin, so naturally we have snow. Since last night, we had at least a foot of snow dumped on us. Kristen and I spent several hours digging out the driveway today, including clearing out the driveway after the plows ran through. We had a blizzard warning that was cancelled, but now we’re expecting frigid temperatures for the next day.

This isn’t our first snow of the season. Although late, we didn’t have our first snow until last week. Before yesterday, we received about two inches – easy to clean up. But with talk of a big snow coming, we prepared for it as best we could short of buying a snowblower – that may change after today.

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