My first YouTube video

I just uploaded my first YouTube video. This was an opportunity for me to record some video and learn how to edit something in iMovie ’11 on the Mac. I admit that I’m pretty excited about this.

Click the following link to find it on YouTube by clicking here, or click on “Read the rest of this entry” below to find the video in the full post as well as to learn more about the video.

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Welcome to the family

I need to send a shout out to all of the new little ones that were born into my family recently. My cousin Robin and his wife Jane recently had a boy named Logan. Rob’s brother Kevin and wife Katie also had a boy named Nicholas (he is big brother Bobby’s new little sibling). Congratulations to all of you – we’re proud of you on this side of the pond.

Meet Birdie

Birdie explores my camera

Birdie checks out my camera

Kristen and I decided that now was a good time to adopt a dog. After hearing about some rescue dogs, we decided to pursue one of them. A colleague where I work put us in touch with his daughter who recommended that we meet Birdie, a four year old, tricolor female Beagle.

Birdie was a stray that was sent this direction from another part of the state. She was treated at the UW Veterinarian School and kept at the Dodge County Humane Society. Kristen and I drove out there to meet her.

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Remembering Gordon

Gordon, Genevieve, Isabel, Madeline, and CharlieMy sister’s father in law, Gordon, passed away during the evening of March 26. He is survived by his wife, his son, and his three grandchildren, as well as many family and friends.

Genevieve, his wife, described him as an artist, an athlete, a Marine, a police officer, detective, and lieutenant. She also described him as a friend, husband, father, grandfather, dog lover, and car afficionado (especially Mercedes Benz). Although Gordon had many facets of his life, he was also an incredible human being and a really good guy, and I am fortunate to have been a part of his life.

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MoCo: Convenience with a conscience

MoCo Market A friend of mine is an assistant manager at a great new convenience store called MoCo Market. What makes it great? It focuses on providing healthy alternatives to people on the go, offers products made either locally, independently, or conscientiously, and promotes alternative transportation: pedestrians and cyclists (it’s hard to believe that walking is actually considered “alternative transporation” when we’ve been doing it since we climbed down from the trees however many millions of years ago).

MoCo Market is also Green Restaurant Certified. This means that MoCo practices environmentally sustainable methods in everything it does, from using energy wisely to reducing waste and clutter, and to providing healthier ingredients in its menu.

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Our engagement

As you have probably read, Kristen and I started dating a year ago. Since then, we’ve been really happy together.

So this past weekend, I proposed to her. It was something I planned two months ago. I had already told her that I was interested in being with her long term. But I wanted to make our one-year dating anniversary special. So we planned on going out of town that Saturday. But Friday night, March 9, was our anniversary.

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