Moving this site

I just moved my site from my previous host Laughing Squid to I did this because my blog is not that robust, and the cost for hosting with my current address on for a year costs the same as a month-and-a-half with Laughing Squid. Although I never had any issues with Laughing Squid, I couldn’t justify the cost any longer.

I am in the process of reviewing the changes that occurred resulting from the move. I will likely make some tweaks and such as I learn more about the new service. One thing I failed to do is move my media. There were a number of files, so pulling them from my computer and getting them on the new site will take a little time. Please accept my apologies for any interruption.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.1

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1. There are a number of improvements and bug fixes. But I just came across a problem with the navigation bar to the right. The coding in the file sidebar.php does not allow me to show my meta links, and there is a strange “0” entry at the end of the archives listing. For a while, the categories listing was missing… it was there the last time I looked.

I had to also move the WordPress and Laughing Squid logos to the top of the bar, along with my e-mail. This is a temporary fix, seeing how I prefer these closer to the bottom of the page.

I also noticed that the footer is now missing from the home page. Although I’ve looked at older and newer versions of the code, I can’t seem to figure out why it disappeared from the new home page. It does appear in FireFox, but then the background disappears halfway down the page.

In the meantime, I’ve rolled back to 2.0.6 (the last version I downloaded). I will continue to watch the WordPress page to see if a fix is released. I may attempt to upgrade again, but I may need to see what’s going on under the hood (even though I don’t know PHP).

Redesigning my Web site – 2006

I’ve “reloaded” my Web site, as indicated by the subtitle in the header. I’ve adopted WordPress as my primary content management system (CMS) and blogging tool, and have taken out a number of pages and elements. It’s a work in progress, but I’ve dedicated some time to this project.

As with any project, there is always a list of up-front work that must be done before jumping in and just doing it. And implementing the work also requires following a plan of attack (typically called a project plan). Even though this is a personal Web site, even I approached this using the project management skills that I developed during my time in my current position.

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After a number of problems with my former Web host and my desire to redesign my site, I finally decided to move it to and reload it entirely in WordPress. It’s still a work in progress, but this is now my content management system. The first thing I’m working on is migrating old posts and articles to this blog. Additional work will include site modifications. I will have more details soon.

WordPress added to my site

I’ve been playing around with WordPress online, and I chose to migrate it to my site. However, it is still a work in progress. I am considering making it my content management software. This would likely replace DreamWeaver for my needs, although I could probably continue using DreamWeaver for designing the site. I will continue to test as time permits… my goal is to have something by next winter in place. Unfortunately, this will tie up posting other things to the site, so I may have to work double-duty to post vacation pics from Scotland and develop the new site (all in my spare time, right?).

My new WordPress blog

My new blogging system

This is a test of my new blogging software, WordPress. I posted this in a special area of my Web site. It’s currently a sandbox at the moment, since I’d like to integrate it into my current site structure. I’ll play around with it as time permits and see how testing and development goes. Since it is still a work in progress, the comments will remain off.

Who am I really?

I realized that I don’t have a link to my primary Web site. Likewise, people may not know who I am. I am the author of Brian’s Virtual Lair, found at the following URL:

I’ve also added some information to the “about me” section of this site.

My first blog entry in WordPress

I guess “hello world” is a start, but I hate making such a typical splash into the new world. I have to admit, though, that I plan on using this as more of a test… I hope to incorporate this into my Web site in the future.

At this time, I am not allowing people to post comments on this blog, because this is a test blog (at this time, anyway). As I continue to test this, I may add information about my primary Web site.

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New interim blog

I just signed up for a free blog on I hope to use WordPress and see if I can pull it into this Web site. I’ve named it Brian’s simple blog, and it’s only a test site for now. I’ve turned off comments because it is a temporary site. I hope to play around with it some more offline and figure out how to incorporate it into this site. Adding it may require some site changes, but I don’t plan on making significant aesthetic changes (I like this simple interface).

Searching my site

My search will not work for a while. This is because it is based on Google crawling the site, and it hasn’t done so due to the new domain (.net). It will hopefully be able to work again soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.