About me

I am an ordinary, average guy with a couple of things to say…

I am a natural-born American citizen. I was born and raised in the Midwest United States. I love living where I live, and I consider it the most beautiful area in the nation. The scenery, the culture, and the people are all wonderful.

I live with my fiancée Kristen and our beagle Birdie. We work a lot, but still find time to do the things we enjoy doing, spend time with each other, and take care of Birdie.

Professionally, I work for a state government agency; that’s right, I’m a bureaucrat. I work on fringe benefits enrollment and eligibility issues. We serve many state and local public employees, so customer service is important. I like to think of myself as someone that works with staff to come up with creative solutions to help our customers. We also communicate changes to our programs and on-line system.

Part-time, I work in a bike shop as a sales associate. My passion for cycling, which has developed since 2007, has lead me to helping others get out and enjoy this great hobby and sport. I am also a League [of American Bicyclists] Cycling Instructor, so I also try to instruct others how to ride safely in traffic. And yes, I do make every effort to stop at every stop sign and traffic light (that is, my bike is stopped and my foot is on the ground).

So obviously, one of my hobbies is cycling. I am a road cyclist. I don’t race (I have no intentions to race), but I really enjoy getting out and riding out on scenic roads. I have two road bikes; I started out on a hybrid that has since been sold. I plan on sticking to road cycling, although I may try mountain in the near future.

Other hobbies include playing guitar (although I’m not very good), tossing the football, reading, softball, watching NFL football, alpine skiing, fixing things, and enjoying a good beer (mostly microbrews, ales, stouts, and lagers). And of course, I enjoy hanging out with friends. Still, I prefer getting out for a ride.

If I were to describe myself, I would say that I’m a pretty laid-back, down to earth person. I like to finish things at a moderate pace, but I also step up when I need to complete something quickly. I’m also compassionate towards other people. Most people consider me friendly, thoughtful, and humorous. Some people also consider me sarcastic at times. In general, though, I’m a people-person (which is why I work in retail).

Feel free to browse my site and learn more about what makes me tick. Enjoy.

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