About Brian’s Virtual Lair

This Web site is about me, Brian Shah. I like to share my ideas and opinions. I also like to share aspects about my life with my family and friends.

It all started back when…

One day, a friend told me that I should create my own Web page. I thought it was a strange idea, because who would want to read about me? But eventually, I ended up with some software and free Web space, and with that created my first Web site.

I started with a simple one-page concept. The idea was to test what I could do and simply post it. It was a short summary about me and a simple picture of my car (I needed a picture of something, so I took a quick snapshot). It eventually grew into a repository for me to share a number of things with different people.

As I continued to get involved in a number of different voluntary activities, I realized that I needed to organize my site more. That led me to redesigning my site. I also started my career, where I gained more experience developing an intranet site as part of a project (mind you, I was a budget analyst, not a Web programmer). I used my expertise to redesign my site.

Little did I know that I had the early start of a Web log. Although I started posting thoughts on my site early on, I never opened it to comments from others. Even my last site was a static site that did not incorporate any kind of dynamic content (other than some cute javascript button hovers). I never considered myself a blogger until I realized that I was actually posting articles in a similar manner to other bloggers.

I then learned about WordPress and embraced the concept. I tested it alongside some other recommended blogging tools. WordPress’ support and ease of use won me over. I eventually installed it on my Web host and migrated the backed-up content of the old site to the new system.

Where my site is headed

Although I don’t always have time to post information on my site, I make attempts to address a number of things that might be worth sharing. Since incorporating WordPress, posting is much easier.

As of April 2009, I am in the process of reviewing a number of different templates (or “themes”) to give the site a newer look and feel and to make it a little easier to read and navigate.

Of course, the thing I really need to focus on is posting more often. You would think I have enough opinions to fill a server, but I haven’t expresses all of them yet. Please feel free to browse my virtual lair to learn more about me.