No more Bicycle Tutor

I recently took down a link to the Bicycle Tutor cycling maintenance Web site from my list of links. Why? It is now a paid subscription.

I used to review his videos to gain some insight on how to maintain my bike. I found his videos and accompanying transcripts very useful. He definitely seemed to know his stuff, since it also worked for me. However, some of the more advanced maintenance issues could be a little tough to follow.

I recently tried to return to his site to conduct some more involved maintenance on my bike. When I tried to click on a link from a search, I discovered that I had to pay for a subscription to watch any of the videos.

I then did a general search in Google and found what I needed on various other sites, including on YouTube.

Bottom line: You don’t have to pay to find information on cycling maintenance – at least, not today.

In the meantime, see the other cycling links I’ve added to the list in my sidebar, currently visible from my home page.

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