Useful accessories for riding a bicycle trainer

The temperature is dipping below 50 degrees. The sun goes down before 5:00. Let’s face it: it’s time to move the ride indoors. For those of us that want to keep up our cycling fitness, we find it necessary to resort to our basements and spend the non-snowing days riding our bikes (once the snow comes, I’m taking to the snowshoes and the skis).

I ride a bicycle trainer in the winter to keep my cycling fitness up. This ingenious device keeps me pedaling my bike in the winter without worrying about slipping and sliding on icy roads (or watching other vehicles potentially slip and slide into me on those same roads). Just to be clear, though, I am not condemning riding in snow, it’s just not my thing (yet). Let’s face it, though, riding on the trainer can seem more like a chore.

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