Bike Snob’s Giro FAQ

Although the Giro d’Italia is over, I finally got around to reading some of the coverage. The BikeSnobNYC recently posted on the NBC Universal’s Giro d’Italia Web site as a guest author. I thought this post answered my frequently asked questions about the Giro and about cycle racing in general the best.

My favorite:

Q: Why isn’t the sport of cycling more popular in the United States?

A: Generally, Americans are uncomfortable watching athletes in helmets and tight-fitting Lycra clothing. This is why the sport of football is also unpopular and why the Superbowl fails to attract viewers year after year.

Perhaps when I ride next time, I’ll throw on a pair of football pads, a Packers jersey, and a Packers helmet. Perhaps then I’ll stop getting those odd looks from drivers.

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