Cycling season returns

I’ll admit that I’m mostly a fair-weather cyclist. I ride during the spring, summer, and fall. I don’t ride in the snow… yet. At any rate, I get excited when most of the snow melts. It means that I can finally get off the trainer and do some real riding.

So when we finally had some decent weather this past week, I got on the bike and rode to and from work. I only got to ride a couple of days, just in time for more snow to come this weekend. But it sounds like it may be minor, and we should have some nicer days ahead.This year, I intend to spend much more time riding to and from my day job. It’s 18 miles round-trip. Since I am putting in so many hours in both jobs, it may be the only opportunity I have to ride this season. It’s work, but it’s worthwhile.

As I start commuting more, I will learn what works well and what needs to be dropped. For now, the most important thing is to keep what you can at your day job and carry only what needs to go between work and home (such as business clothing and lunch).

I will also be promoting Bike to Work Week. It is a great opportunity to get more people riding. And hopefully some of them will continue throughout the year.

For now, I appreciate any opportunity that gets me outside on the bike. Snow or no snow this weekend, it makes me long even more to get back on the bike for a longer ride.

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