Snow – and lots of it

It’s December in Wisconsin, so naturally we have snow. Since last night, we had at least a foot of snow dumped on us. Kristen and I spent several hours digging out the driveway today, including clearing out the driveway after the plows ran through. We had a blizzard warning that was cancelled, but now we’re expecting frigid temperatures for the next day.

This isn’t our first snow of the season. Although late, we didn’t have our first snow until last week. Before yesterday, we received about two inches – easy to clean up. But with talk of a big snow coming, we prepared for it as best we could short of buying a snowblower – that may change after today.

For the first time in nearly two decades, state offices were closed because of the weather. After the winter storm we had last year in which one of the interstate highways were backed up, I’m glad Governor Doyle declared a snow emergency. Roads were still in pretty bad shape by the time we finished our driveway, and I can only imagine the mess we would have seen had people tried to get to work today.

On the home front, this is our first winter with Birdie. Birdie doesn’t seem to like having this much snow. When we take her out to go potty, she goes quickly; before the snow, we could be outside for as long as 15 minutes before she would go. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the snow is basically up to the top of her head when she tries walking in it. Either way, she doesn’t seemed very thrilled with it.

I also took a few minutes to try out my snowshoes. I took a short jaunt to the backyard to see how they felt and to make a few tracks. I guess that’s one benefit of the snow: snow sports.

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