Meet Birdie

Birdie explores my camera

Birdie checks out my camera

Kristen and I decided that now was a good time to adopt a dog. After hearing about some rescue dogs, we decided to pursue one of them. A colleague where I work put us in touch with his daughter who recommended that we meet Birdie, a four year old, tricolor female Beagle.

Birdie was a stray that was sent this direction from another part of the state. She was treated at the UW Veterinarian School and kept at the Dodge County Humane Society. Kristen and I drove out there to meet her.

We adopted her on Friday and brought her home right away.

Birdie is small – petite is probably more appropriate. A number of people have mistaken her for a puppy. She has been good so far, with a lot of curious energy, but often very quiet… often, but not always.

Kristen grew up with dogs. Birdie is my first dog, but I had a number of childhood friends that had pets as we were growing up. I have often gotten along with other pets, so adopting a dog was not as difficult a decision as one may think. Still, I knew that my life would change and that, as a pet parent, I would now need to devote much more time taking care of a dog.

When we were first introduced at the Dodge County Humane Society, Birdie ran right up to me. The shelter employee that introduced us said that Birdie was usually a little stand-offish, so she was happily surprised to see her take to me right away. We spent over an hour with her and really enjoyed her company. After we left, we had dinner and talked about what it would be like to bring her home. Beagles are usually pretty needy and high energy. But we were in love, and we liked Birdie’s disposition. What really set her apart for me was that there was another dog outside of our room that barked incessantly as he walked by, but Birdie didn’t flinch or freak out. It indicated to me that she perhaps had some socialization skills. So we agreed to adopt Birdie.

The following day, Kristen and I took the afternoon off and drove the hour-long journey back to the Dodge County Humane Society. We adopted Birdie and brought her home. She was eager to hop in the car and go, and she didn’t put up a fuss about sitting in her new travel crate. I sat in the back seat with her the entire time, and she behaved extremely well. When Kristen dropped me off at my car, though, she said that Birdie howled, as if she missed me.

Birdie has been with us for a week now, and we are happy that we adopted her. She is full of energy and fairly well behaved. She usually doesn’t dig into anything inside the house that she shouldn’t. Although we’ve had a couple of accidents during the first couple of days, she has been very good about identifying our house as her den. She can be a little stubborn when taking her outside to use the bathroom, but she loves to explore and run around. For the most part, she listens very well, except when she’s focused on chasing a squirrel, a rabbit, or another person. Although we still need to teach each other a few things and attend training, Birdie is an exciting new member for us, and we look forward to spending many great years together.

I’ve been told not to compare Birdie to kids – my sister warned me that if I compare our dog to my nieces and nephew, she will not let me live it down. Each present their own challenges, but they both also offer their own rewards. Kristen and I plan on having children in the future, but we are not ready for that yet. But we were definitely ready for Birdie to join our family.

Welcome Birdie to our family.

Birdie lying next to Kristen

Birdie lying next to Kristen

Birdie walking into the living room

Birdie walking into the living room

Birdie approaching the camera

Birdie approaching the camera

Birdie on a chair

Birdie on a chair

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