Favre retires – finally

According to ESPN, former Green Bay Packers and New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre will remain retired. Word was that the Minnesota Vikings and he were discussing his possible return to the NFL after retiring last year from his one season in New York.

Favre recently underwent surgery to repair a torn biceps tendon, but his legs and ankles continue to bother him. As he stated in the ESPN article, “The things that bothered me, bothered me a little more. It takes longer to recover — if you do recover.” Personally, I don’t blame him.

As much as I am a Brett Favre fan, I am no Vikings fan; I doubt that I ever will be (unless, by some fluke, they play the Patriots in the Super Bowl). I really did not want to see Favre suit up in purple and gold. I am glad that it won’t happen now. But even if he had, I would have supported his decision to continue playing if he felt healthy enough to do so. Unfortunately for him (and, although I hate to say it, fortunately for Packers fans), reality set in.

No matter what colors he wears, Favre is still the greatest quarterback of my era. I wish him luck in his future endeavors. As I probably have stated in the past, thanks for all that you did for both the Packers and the NFL.

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