Lance is back

I’m a Lance Armstrong fan. Anyone that can represent the United States and win the most grueling sport’s greatest race after battling cancer and facing all of the false allegations about doping is worthy of having fans. Being a cyclist, I was very excited when I heard he was coming back – more so than when Brett Favre came out of retirement last year to play for the Jets (hey, I’m a Packers fan first).

There is a lot of great talent on Lance’s team, Team Astana, as well as in the Tour overall. But I’m really rooting for Lance. He’s definitely a true American, and he’s showing that even Americans can handle the pure athleticism of the sport of cycling. I’m sure that this will not be my only post on his progress.

Three of the first 21 stages are now complete in this year’s Tour de France. Team Astana won the today’s Team Time Trial, which just about put Lance in first place. He is now only a fraction of a second from receiving his 84th Yellow Jersey. Not bad for someone that retired from cycling four years ago (and with 7 consecutive wins). Stage 4 will be quite a battle.

Go Lance and Team Astana!

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