Remembering Gordon

Gordon, Genevieve, Isabel, Madeline, and CharlieMy sister’s father in law, Gordon, passed away during the evening of March 26. He is survived by his wife, his son, and his three grandchildren, as well as many family and friends.

Genevieve, his wife, described him as an artist, an athlete, a Marine, a police officer, detective, and lieutenant. She also described him as a friend, husband, father, grandfather, dog lover, and car afficionado (especially Mercedes Benz). Although Gordon had many facets of his life, he was also an incredible human being and a really good guy, and I am fortunate to have been a part of his life.

Gordon was also a fighter. He was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and he was given a couple of months to live. I remember how he said he was going to beat the odds and outlive those two months. He was successful for nearly three years, until his health took a turn late last year. Even then, his spirit was not broken; he continued to have a positive outlook.

I had the opportunity to see him during my nephew Charlie’s birthday party. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, other than that he seemed tired. But his spirits were good. I didn’t know that his health had taken a turn, but I think he wanted to keep that to himself.

Only two weeks later, I was called and told that he had fallen and was going into a hospice. He took a turn for the worse not long after that, and he passed away fairly quickly. Although we knew he wasn’t going to get better, news of his death was pretty hard on many of us, including me. Even a couple of weeks later, I am still sad that he is no longer in our lives.

This post is dedicated to all the family, friends, coworkers, and loved ones that were fortunate to have their lives touched by Gordon’s friendship and care.

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