Cameraman cyclist fights for the cause

I attended a session on bike etiquette recently, where they showed this video of a crusader out to help drivers learn that bikes are legal vehicles on the road. Jeff Frings decided to take the whole bike vs. car issues one step further. He was tired of close calls, so he mounted video cameras to his bicycle to document his near misses.

All states and the federal Uniform Vehicle Code recognize bicycles as legal vehicles, permitted to take a lane in traffic. Like other vehicles, bicyclists are required to follow the laws. I admit that I’ve seen many a cyclist run stop signs and such, which is wrong. But motor vehicles are also required to provide space for bicyclists when feasible.

Motorists that believe that cyclists don’t belong on the road are wrong. The cyclist has just as much right to the road as motor vehicles. And, as a motorist, if you think bicyclists are notorious for running stop signs and red lights, ask yourself if you always make a complete stop at all stop signs, or if you’ve ever run a yellow light even though you knew it was going to be red by the time you got there.

As a roadie, I find it more work to unclip my cleats at all stop signs. Yet I do it, because I am trying to share the road with others. Learning to share the road is something we all should do, whether we ride or drive.

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