First 2009 bike ride outside

The weather on Thursday, March 5, was so warm that we hit 60 degrees Fahrenheit (about 15 C). It was pretty warm, so I had spring fever. I changed the rear tire on my bike from the trainer to the road tire and anticipated getting out on Friday. Since it was warmer again on Friday, I layered up and headed out.

I had planned a short ride: about 30-45 minutes. I figured out my route, one of my usual shorter rides, and headed out. It was slightly windy, and I headed right into it (meaning good tailwind on the way home). However, all that time on the trainer should have helped pay off, at least a little.

My ride started from home in Madison and headed out towards Middleton. I rode down a steep hill that leads into downtown Middleton, then rode through towards the recreational trail. I headed out along the trail that parallels the freeway. As I rode out, I tried out a couple of things I had worked on during my trainer rides, such as ducking down to get more aerodynamic.

I made it to a park and ride before turning back. Instead of taking the trail again, I took the road that I would’ve taken had I stayed on it before getting on the trail. One of the tricky parts was getting through the roundabout. Fortunately, I had learned how to ride in a roundabout last summer. So once traffic cleared, I was able to merge and ride; I just need to work on timing my signal to merge out.

I headed back towards and through downtown Middleton. Before I knew it, I was facing the steep hill. I rode on, pushing myself up that hill, getting out of my saddle to get up it. Once at the top, I kept pedaling to keep my legs from seizing on me. It felt good to get up that hill.

I rode on home and called it a day. My computer read 40 minutes, 40 seconds. My average speed was 14.73 miles per hour; not great, but again it was my first outdoor ride for the season.

So for the second ride, my buddy Josh and I headed out towards Paoli – about a week later…

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