My first alpine ski adventure

Despite living in Wisconsin my entire life, I had never gone alpine (downhill) skiing until last weekend. Considering that I have lived around snow for nine months per year since birth and that I have never been more than an hour from any of the ski hills, I never took the opportunity to actually try it until last weekend. Kristen really encouraged it, since she had skied before. Man, what was I missing?

We had picked an ideal weekend for it: sunny, clear, and warm (well, just barely above freezing). Had we been snowshoeing, we would’ve had a blast. Had I tried cross-country, we would’ve been really warm halfway through. But downhill is tricky because you go then stop and take a lift to get back up the hill (at least that’s what most people do at the resorts). Now that I’ve had a chance to recover, here is my account of this great new adventure.

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