Death Magnetic rocks!!

Metallica’s new album Death Magnetic is now available. I’m just sitting and listening to this while doing some other stuff, and I am just simply blown the f*** away!! It has got to be the best Metallica album since Master of Puppets (and I really liked a lot of stuff since that album).

You want speed? You got it. You want heavy? It’s there. You want an instrumental? Yeah, there’s one of those too. You want a love song? Go elsewhere! Death Magnetic is not for the faint of heart.

James’ riffs beat you into submission, and his voice grabs you. Kirk exceeds his legendary status with mind-ripping solos. Lars’ skin-beating draws you into an angering frenzy. And Rob’s bass sinks you into the void with Cliff-like depth and strength.

Despite some of the criticisms, such as from The Boston Globe or The Chicago Tribune, my expectations are far exceeded by this awesome performance. I have a scary feeling that I’ll be listening to Death Magnetic for a long time. In fact, I just reached the end of the album, and I’m starting it again.

Folks, Metallica is finally reborn!!

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