More commuters taking the bus

With the price of gas over $4 per gallon in many areas of the country, it’s no surprise that people are parking their cars and finding alternative modes of transportation. A three-percent increase across the country is indicative of the situation.

For years, people preferred the automobile to trains, buses, or subways. Some probably considered that spending on these forms of transportation should be cut, especially since they lost money. Now peopel are realizing that these alternatives are more cost effective for both them and their communities, and they’re greener than even the most fuel-efficient automobile.

But the important thing about this is that a catalyst like the price of gas will push public officials to reconsider where to spend transportation dollars. Buses carry more people, and they also can be equipped with racks to carry bicycles. Even I’m considering combining the bus and my bike as an alternative to driving. Not only would I save in fuel, but I would also save in maintenance (less wear and tear means less time in the shop).

It just takes a paradigm shift for people to realize that we need other forms of travel. Let the transportation revolution begin:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Commuter buses fill more seats

The Associated Press: High gas prices lead to surge in mass transit

ABCNews: Americans Park Cars, Look to Public Transit

Reuters: Facing $4 gasoline, more Americans take mass transit

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