Madison suburb to go smoke-free in 2009

The City of Monona, a suburb on Madison’s east side, is the third community in the area to pass a smoking ban. Although Wisconsin was supposed to provide a comprehensive statewide smoking ban, the inability for legislators to develop a compromise continues to push local communities to pass their own smoking bans.

Working on the east side of town, many of my lunchtime options are in Monona. The problem is that many of those options allow smoking, despite that they have otherwise good menus. Since quitting smoking, I cannot stand cigarette smoke and will no longer patronize any place that allows smoking. With the ban coming in June 2009, I’m actually looking forward to trying out some of those places again and discovering ones I haven’t eaten at yet.

Other communities in the area are also considering a smoking ban. The problem, as some critics will attest, is that we will end up with a patchwork of communities that either ban or allow smoking. Living in Madison, I’ve been experiencing it since the city banned smoking in public buildings three years ago.

Now only if the state would get its act together and put a comprehensive law into place. It’s not only a no-brainer; it’s good for business, and good for the people.

The Capital Times: Monona smoking ban OK’d, will go in effect June 1, 2009

1 thought on “Madison suburb to go smoke-free in 2009

  1. California did it a long time ago. I believe Minnesota has it now (at least the Twin Cities). I love going into restuarants w/o having to sit in a “non-smoking” booth that’s right next to a smoking booth.

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