Gas tax holiday wrong solution

According to the Appleton Post-Crescent, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and John McCain are suggesting suspending the federal gas tax to help drive fuel costs down so that Americans can continue to afford to drive.

Today’s prices are $3.69 per gallon in my city. With an 18.4-cent per gallon suspension, I’d still be spending over $3.50 per gallon. So instead of paying what was a record-high $3.25 last year, I’m still spending more after a suspension. Let’s do the math.

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My longest bike ride yet

For the two days of the week that I rode, I logged in almost 41 miles (the first trip lasted just under 9 miles). That Saturday, my legs felt better, so I decided to ride with a group. The group left from one of the nearby running stores and rode north, offering 20-, 35-, or 50-mile rides, starting along a bike trail for the first 10 miles. I chose to ride for 20 miles; since I rode to the store, my total distance was longer. It was during this ride when I worked on some climbing technique. Although the route that I rode didn’t have many tough hills, there were some slightly challenging climbs.

The next day, I tried to take the same ride. I got up much earlier for this one, so I was dragging almost the entire way. I made 8 miles and decided to head back. But then I decided to venture out onto another branch of the trail. So my endurance ride would turn into a leisurely exploration ride. I also turned a potentially 16-mile ride into a 24-mile ride. So over the weekend, I ended up riding 52 miles; for the week, I rode 93.21 miles. I fell shy of my all-time longest week of 93.51 by only 0.3 miles. Not a bad week, but I could go longer yet.

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