100 inches broken

It’s official: we’ve finally hit the 100-inch snowfall mark.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again: this weather is really starting to get on my nerves. Even with all of the warming and then sudden snowfall, it is still possible to get sick of it. I admit, it’s March (when we still see occasional snow), and the temperature is still in the 40’s (Fahrenheit), so it’s not like it should just end anytime soon. But we’ve experienced more snow than ever in recorded history in this town.

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Trek Bike founder dies

Trek Bicycle co-founder Richard Dick Burke died of complications from cardiac surgery at the age of 73. He started the company to bring the glory of bicycle design and quality back to the United States. With a total of five employees, Trek Bicycles began building in a small red pole barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin. The movement he began eventually led to one of the most successful bicycles in the last 30 years. Lance Armstrong won Le Tour de France a record seven times, each time on a production Trek bicycle.

Trek is a Wisconsin-based company, so I have a special place in my heart for the company and its bike offerings. Dick Burke started his company while living in Milwaukee (my hometown). Waterloo is only miles from where I live now. Since I started riding again, I bought a Trek hybrid bike after trying out a number of different brands. Even after I realized that I prefer road bike riding, I tried out a handful of different bikes and fell in love with a Trek. So, yeah, the company that Mr. Burke started has a special place in my heart, all because of his vision.

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Selecting a bicycle trainer

I started bicycling last spring to ride outside throughout the spring, summer, and fall. But as I started becoming more serious about riding and the weather started becoming inclement in the winter, I moved indoors onto a bicycle resistance trainer.

Since riding a bicycle indoors over the past few months, a number of people asked me about a trainer. They’re either somewhat recreational riders or are looking to keep in shape during the winter months (and believe me, getting out this past winter has not been easy). So this post attempts to provide some plain language on what a trainer is and what to expect.

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Congratulations on your retirement Brett Favre

Words cannot begin to describe the feelings I have over the retirement of one of the greatest quarterbacks of my generation. Yet I fully support his decision. His statement of feeling tired mentally shows that he feels it’s time to move on. He made almost every game exciting, and every Packers fan had hope when number 4 stood behind the center and commanded the Green Bay offense.

Since coming to Green Bay during his second professional season, Brett Favre showed that true heroes still exist. He took a struggling offense and brought it to the top of its game. Along with leadership on the defense (namely the late, great Reggie White), he led the team to its first Super Bowl in almost 30 years and brought the title back to Titletown. As the only three-time winner of the MVP Award, Favre continued to break records, right through his last season.

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