White Christmas 2007

Today is December 24, Christmas Eve. We’ve had snow since December 1. To date, we’ve had over 30 inches of snow pour down upon us, and very little of it has melted. That means we’ll be having a very white Christmas.

The following pictures don’t even start to show how much snow we’ve really had since the beginning of the month.

My apartment building covered in snow My apartment building covered in snow 

My car in the snow My car in the snow

Looking down the driveway Looking down the driveway

Snow bank outside my apartment Snow bank outside my apartment

Quite honestly, I’m sick of the snow. It’s been constantly dumping on us, and we’re expecting more this month. What’s worse, we had a warm-up with rain, only to have it freeze up on us the other night. Snow and ice removal have been difficult. The roads have been slick. Traveling in this stuff is not fun. And now the temperature is below the freezing mark.

I swear, if I hear anyone say, “gosh, I love having a white Christmas” or if anyone sings “Let it Snow,” I’m kicking them in the n**s!! It’s not that I dislike Christmas, because I actually love this holiday. But dealing with the snow has been pretty rough. But then again, I live in Wisconsin… “get used to it” is what most people would say anyway.

By the way, Merry Christmas!

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