Suburban teens bring holiday cheer to inner city youths

Given all of the bad things happening lately, it’s nice to know that there are still people in this world that have big hearts… especially when they’re teens. Students from Oconomowoc High School and Hartford High School collected all kinds of presents for students at Hopkins Street Elementary School in Milwaukee.

For many of us, it’s often hard for us to envision what it’s like to live without simple things like toothpaste or laundry soap. Yet many of the students at Hopkins Street Elementary live like that daily. To have strangers from 40 miles away come in and deliver not only toys but also necessities like mittens, hats, and soap is something of a Christmas miracle.

At work, we started a partnership with a local elementary school that has more than 75% of its student population at or below the poverty line. It’s amazing what little things you can do that make their days. Most students get excited when you show up. Even that little bit of excitement can help them want to improve, whether it’s their grades or their behavior. We’ve participated in things like school supply drives and book drives to help the students.

I commend the students of Oconomowoc and Hartford High Schools for doing such a fantastic job of helping the students at Milwaukee’s Hopkins Street Elementary School. I hope that many more of us will find it in our hearts to help our neighbors, both at the holidays and throughout the year.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Bearing gifts, teens will traverse afar

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