Boston Mayor rides a Trek

Boston Mayor Tom Menino started riding a bicycle around his city recently. Like me, he started riding a bicycle after a long hiatus… in his case, 40 years. He states that he rides for health, environment, and a good way to get around the city in an interview with local Fox 25. His ride of choice is the Trek Lime.

A big advantage to bicyclists is that local leaders like Mayor Menino will appreciate the challenges that many of us bicyclists face on the road and will push for ordinances that require pedestrian and bicycle improvements on local roads. But even more so, I hope they inspire others that haven’t been on a bike in years to try riding again and remembering how much fun it is to ride.

Trek: Boston Mayor Struck With Lime Fever

The Boston Globe: Menino puts new spin on getting around the Hub

Safe and smart shopping

Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach was nice enough to post a list of suggestions to shop safely and smart this holiday season. He suggests taking some initiative to make it as stress-free as possible.

With so many cases of fraud and identity theft occurring, I would also like to encourage you to take your time and remain diligent while you shop. Know who you’re buying from, and make sure that they handle your credit and personal information with care and caution. Don’t forget to put your receipt and credit card in a safe place at the end of the transaction. Lock your items in your trunk, and lock your car. Don’t give would-be thieves an incentive to rip you off.

Senator Erpenbach post: Safe and Smart Shopping This Holiday Season: Use the Resources Available