Trek-Breast Cancer Ride

Kristen and I recently rode in the 2007 TREK WSD Breast Cancer Awareness Ride through our local Trek Bicycle Store on October 13. The ride was set up to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a rated four stars by charity watchdog Charity Navigator. The first link includes pictures of the event (I’m one of the folks in the bright yellow windbreaker).

The ride was a 10-mile journey around the west side of town in a figure-8 loop. We had to conquer a few hills, including one on the last leg that seemed to go on for a long time. Kristen and I stuck together for most of the ride (although I did get ahead of her at times).

Despite the cooler weather, we were able to stay warm, thanks to dressing for the occasion. We purchased baselayers and such ahead of time. I think the best cold-weather item that I bought was my Nike hat; it kept my head warm, especially around my ears, and it fit pretty well under my helmet. But between the clothing and moving, we started off feeling a little chilly and ended feeling pretty comfortable.

Although I’ve been pushing all season to ride harder and faster, Kristen hadn’t spent as much time on her bike. So when I found myself climbing a hill, I would look back and notice her falling behind. In a way, her pace made the ride seem pretty easy for me.

We completed the loop in just under one hour. After the ride, we celebrated with other riders at the Trek Store, where Whole Foods provided lunch. Kristen won a T-shirt as a door prize.

One of the reasons why I wanted to start bicycling was to ride in charity events like this. It’s not about being fast on a bike, but about being able to last on it. Being that this was my first charity event, I really felt a sense of accomplishment, even with a short ride.

 Kristen putting on her helmet Kristen putting on her helmet

Getting our bikes ready Getting our bikes ready

Brian ready for the ride Brian ready for the ride

 Kristen inside the Trek Store Kristen inside the Trek Store

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