Naming a new school

I’m typically not one to think about such frivolous matters such as naming a new school. But living nearby, I had to pipe in on this conversation.

A few months ago, the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) was prepared to name a new school after Hmong Freedom Fighter General Vang Pao. However, Pao was recently indicted in a failed coup attempt, and MMSD requested new names. I agree that the board should not name the school after such a controversial issue. After collecting suggested names, the board is now requesting comments.

Although I don’t have a huge stake in the school (yet?), I have some suggestions as to how the board should make its selection:

  • Make it relevant to Madison.
  • Make it relevant to education or something significant.
  • Make it non-controversial.

Simple, right? Of course, my favorite recommendation is The Brain Dead Madison Metropolitan School Board Memorial Far West Side.

MMSD Web page: Comment on Submitted Names

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