Trek-Breast Cancer Ride

Kristen and I recently rode in the 2007 TREK WSD Breast Cancer Awareness Ride through our local Trek Bicycle Store on October 13. The ride was set up to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a rated four stars by charity watchdog Charity Navigator. The first link includes pictures of the event (I’m one of the folks in the bright yellow windbreaker).

The ride was a 10-mile journey around the west side of town in a figure-8 loop. We had to conquer a few hills, including one on the last leg that seemed to go on for a long time. Kristen and I stuck together for most of the ride (although I did get ahead of her at times).

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Naming a new school

I’m typically not one to think about such frivolous matters such as naming a new school. But living nearby, I had to pipe in on this conversation.

A few months ago, the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) was prepared to name a new school after Hmong Freedom Fighter General Vang Pao. However, Pao was recently indicted in a failed coup attempt, and MMSD requested new names. I agree that the board should not name the school after such a controversial issue. After collecting suggested names, the board is now requesting comments.

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E-mail format etiquette

I probably don’t say it enough, but I could live without e-mail and actually get some real work done. I’m a face-to-face type of person who prefers using e-mail mostly to communicate a complex process to many people, although I still feel that in-person meetings are much more effective. With that said, I still use e-mail for many day-to-day operations as well, such as sharing notes and collaborating (don’t get me started on using Web-based technology in the workplace such as blogs and wikis). But if there is one thing that frustrates me to no end, it’s the use of funky backgrounds and goofy text in e-mail messages.

Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind customization. I’m all for people showing some level of individuality and creativity in the workplace. But when you get some of these dark backgrounds with dark letters, my eyes leap out of my face and demand that I don’t make them view such hideous and torturous images again.

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