Milwaukee County strengthens smoking ban

If there’s one thing about which I agree with County Executive Scott Walker, it’s strengthening the smoking ban around county buildings. He recently passed a new executive order banning smoking from within 30 feet of all county buildings, including Mitchell International Airport, and he is now pushing the county board to pass a county ordinance to make this permanent.

I know that smokers are all for safer locations to smoke, especially during the brutal Wisconsin winters. But it’s not a question of pushing them out or forcing them to quit; it’s a matter of public health, especially with health care costs increasing steeply.

Although Milwaukee County has a long way to go towards all-out smoking bans in public buildings, this is a good first step for the county. The municipalities within would be prudent to adopt similar ordinances. The Village of Shorewood within Milwaukee County has gone farther by passing a ban on smoking in all public buildings. I would like to see both the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County pass major smoking bans… or better yet, have the entire state follow Illinois’ example and pass a statewide smoking ban in public buildings.

Walker toughens county smoking ban

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