MoCo: Convenience with a conscience

MoCo Market A friend of mine is an assistant manager at a great new convenience store called MoCo Market. What makes it great? It focuses on providing healthy alternatives to people on the go, offers products made either locally, independently, or conscientiously, and promotes alternative transportation: pedestrians and cyclists (it’s hard to believe that walking is actually considered “alternative transporation” when we’ve been doing it since we climbed down from the trees however many millions of years ago).

MoCo Market is also Green Restaurant Certified. This means that MoCo practices environmentally sustainable methods in everything it does, from using energy wisely to reducing waste and clutter, and to providing healthier ingredients in its menu.

The store also carries a number of unique products. Items are either environmentally friendly or promote alternate transportation (like a stylish bicycle basket that doubles as a shopping basket). Although I haven’t really found anything that I would use, don’t let that stop you from finding good stuff for yourself.

I like stopping at MoCo Market when I can. Its good, affordable food and great people make it worth stopping in and saying hi. I don’t usually promote restaurants or stores on my Web site, but this one deserves special mention.

I took the following photos on a recent bike ride from home to downtown. The goal was to stop at MoCo for lunch and say hello to my friend. She was out that day, but I still enjoyed a great lunch.

Bikes in MoCo Market’s main entrance Bikes in MoCo Market’s main entrance

MoCo Market’s Green Restaurant Certification MoCo Market’s Green Restaurant Certification

MoCo Market’s salad and soup bar MoCo Market’s salad and soup bar

 My lunch at MoCo Market My lunch at MoCo Market

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