The naked truth about a World Naked Bike Ride

There’s a group of people that hold a World Naked Bike Ride to protest car and oil use. The ride coordination started in 2004.

Although the sentiment is a good cause (I would like to use alternative methods of transportation, including my bike), I don’t think the means are effective. So here are my problems with the ride:

  1. We have not significantly reduced the number more cars on the road in three years since this group started.
  2. This is a bit extreme… and illegal in my state.
  3. You really don’t want to see my couch-potato butt in all its glory… it would be a very disturbing site; trust me on this.

For a meaningful way to promote less use of motor vehicles and to encourage people to ride their bikes more, I recommend the following:

  1. Stay clothed; there are decent, not-too-expensive alternatives to the technical clothing that cyclists wear that also provide comfort.
  2. Educate both cyclists and drivers on how to travel with each other on the streets; this should start at the school level and become incorporated in driver education courses, as well as offering adults a class.
  3. Contact your legislators (local, county, state, and federal) to seek legislation to encourage more bicycle-friendly routes in urban and rural settings.

The only statement that riding naked makes is that some people are either really confident about their bodies, or that they really were meant to be clothed.

Wisconsin State Journal article: Nake truth exposes city failure

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