Gas boycotts are ineffective

I’m a little late on this one, but there is no evidence that not buying gas for a day would make a huge impact on gas prices. This Cyclelicious article explains where the real impact would be felt: the station owners and employees. Snopes better explains how this scheme would not work. The fact is that there are many factors that go into gas prices. Furthermore, by not buying gas on one day, you would still have to buy gas on the day before or after anyway; you would still buy gas.

A better way to not give into the price of gas is to travel smartly. When traveling by car, try to accomplish several errands in one trip. Better yet, try to avoid driving: walking and bicycling are great ways to get exercise and to avoid using gas at all. Finally, try to use public transportation, which costs less and promotes better use of fuel use.

I especially like bicycling: it’s a great way to exercise and it’s faster than walking. Just follow all traffic laws and learn to share the road with cars.

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