Hiring practices risk your personal information

The warnings are posted almost everywhere today. Over the past few years, identity theft crimes have increased so much that Wisconsin created the Office of Privacy Protection within the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

I posted Glen’s personal blog on my site before and mentioned the great work he’s done. He also keeps video of work-related material here. He recently posted a news video about a woman who was the victim of identity theft because a company did not conduct a proper background check. As a result, one of its employees used the victim’s personal information to apply for credit cards in the victim’s name.

According to the story, the company conducted the background check on the employee. But by the time it received the results, the employee had already been in training for a month, sot he company did not take action. Then the employee committed her crime.

I think it shows that the company was irresponsible.  This company holds people’s financial information in its hands. When even one financial problem occurs, it can send shockwaves through a person’s entire credit report, making it difficult for him or her to pursue lifelong financial and personal goals. So essentially, this company put people’s financial lives at risk.

In my part-time job, I deal with credit card information often. Every so often, I wonder how difficult it would be for anyone to walk off with a customer’s credit card information or other personally identifiable information. When I started there, I never signed an agreement stating that I am to safeguard customers’ information, and I even wonder if some information is kept as secure as it should be.

I especially want to thank Glen and the Office of Privacy Protection for publicizing this information. Perhaps stronger laws and better education will come from this. People need to learn how to protect their information, and companies that handle it have an obligation to put strong safeguards in place to protect it.

Glen Loyd’s blog: Companies which have our personal information put us at risk by their hiring practices

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