Packers’ Barnett’s long-term vision

In an off-season of wonderment and uncertainty, there is one thing that I think the Packers have done right: re-sign defensive linebacker Nick Barnett. But it’s not enough that he’s been one of the most significant and productive defensive players on the Packers’ roster during his three years in Green Bay. He must continue to perform as well, or better, than he has in the past.

He now has announced that he looks forward to continuing the career that he built in Green Bay. This is great news, because I think he is a great linebacker and shows some true leadership on the field. This sense of teamwork shows that he knows that it’s not all about him or his contract, but about leading the defense. But he has more to offer than just leadership and a lot of tackles on the field.

Barnett recently announced that he wants to have his name immortalized on the walls of Lambeau Field. He looked up at Ray Nietschke’s name and thought about following in his footsteps:

“I was saying, ‘Man, I have an opportunity to be on one of those, maybe when I’m retired or something,'” Barnett said during his press conference on Tuesday. “He made his career here, and it would be nice to go down in history as a Ray Nitschke.”  (

It shows that Barnett also has vision. He has now set a goal for himself to become a great all-time linebacker of the Packers. His dedication to the team and his drive to be one of the best will help him achieve that vision; anything less will not.

I am glad that the Green Bay Packers offered Nick Barnett this opportunity. I look forward to watching him continue stopping the opposing teams week after week in the upcoming season.

And it’s only four months until the first pre-season game (August 11)… not soon enough. article: Packers Sign Barnett To Long-Term Contract Extension

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article: Barnett’s contract extended article: Barnett’s Goals, Motivations Go Beyond Contract

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