Hiring practices risk your personal information

The warnings are posted almost everywhere today. Over the past few years, identity theft crimes have increased so much that Wisconsin created the Office of Privacy Protection within the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

I posted Glen’s personal blog on my site before and mentioned the great work he’s done. He also keeps video of work-related material here. He recently posted a news video about a woman who was the victim of identity theft because a company did not conduct a proper background check. As a result, one of its employees used the victim’s personal information to apply for credit cards in the victim’s name.

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In remembrance: Virginia Tech

The terrible tragedy that ocurred at Virginia Tech University on Monday, April 16, should never have happened. It’s sad that it can happen anywhere, and our society needs to realize that violence never solves our problems. My thoughts go out to the victims and their families and loved ones. This blog entry is dedicated to them and to all of us that work hard for peace.

Packers’ Barnett’s long-term vision

In an off-season of wonderment and uncertainty, there is one thing that I think the Packers have done right: re-sign defensive linebacker Nick Barnett. But it’s not enough that he’s been one of the most significant and productive defensive players on the Packers’ roster during his three years in Green Bay. He must continue to perform as well, or better, than he has in the past.

He now has announced that he looks forward to continuing the career that he built in Green Bay. This is great news, because I think he is a great linebacker and shows some true leadership on the field. This sense of teamwork shows that he knows that it’s not all about him or his contract, but about leading the defense. But he has more to offer than just leadership and a lot of tackles on the field.

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