Brett Favre returns for 16th season

The not-so-long awaited news is official: Brett Favre will return to Green Bay as a starting quarterback for season 16. Unlike last year, when he didn’t announce until April, he announced it not long after the Packers ended 8-8 for the 2006 season.

The last time I wrote, I made it clear that I wasn’t taking a side. I really enjoy watching the Packers play, especially with 4 at the helm (Favre’s jersey number). But I supported his decision to return in the past… he knows better than anyone whether he should return or not. He’s not the quick, young quarterback that he was a decade ago, but I think he still has a lot of good passes in him.

Although I don’t always believe in miracles, the fact that Favre has gone this long despite all of his injuries and disappointments is enough to make one realize that miracles probably do happen. But I attribute it more to his drive, his competitiveness, and his passion for football. In those respects, he is a true leader.

When pre-season starts up in August, you’ll be able to find me in front of the tube, watching one of the Packers’ greatest quarterbacks lead the team once again. And obviously, I’ll have my eyes (or at least ears) on the game during the regular season. Go Packers!

Sun Herald (Southern Mississippi) article: Favre to play in 2007

Green Bay Packers Official Web site: Favre to return in 2007

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article: Favre says he’ll be back with Packers in ’07

Sun Herald highlights: Favre’s memorable moments

1 thought on “Brett Favre returns for 16th season

  1. While I’ve always been a Farve fan, he should give it up soon. He’s had injuries, but he’s been able to play through them. I just wonder if he’s pushing his “luck” (so to speak). Plus, he’s just not the same guy (in terms of talent) he was 10 years ago when they won the Super Bowl (wow, it’s been THAT long?!). He’s still good, but you can see some decline.

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