Officer kidnapped, but lucky to have vest

This is one of those stories that hits close to home for me. A police officer who had just gone off duty stopped to purchase gas for his personal vehicle and some road salt. While at the gas station, he was kidnapped by two 17-year-old male teens (they were unaware that he was an officer, because he had a civilian coat on). They forced him at gunpoint to drive them to another location. When they arrived, they tried to search him, but he struggled. One boy shot him, hitting him in the chest. He was fortunate to have his bulletproof vest on, because it stopped the bullet from penetrating him.

I mention this because I have a family member that is a police officer. I hope he doesn’t have to experience the same ordeal as his colleague. This blog post is dedicated to all of the men and women in blue that serve to protect us.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article: Officer’s body armor stops bullet

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