e-Retail employee at fault, not company, not US soldiers

I don’t even know what got into this employee, but he or she had no right to state his sentiment about the war as a representative of the employer. If a person wants to express his or her opinions, it should be done tactfully and outside of the business.

A soldier serving in Iraq asked an e-retailer if it shipped to military addresses. The response was no, but the employee added some rather expressive remarks.

As a retail associate, I know when not to make unsolicited political statements. Even though I oppose the conflict in Iraq, I still support the troops and hope that they all come home safely. They have made a decision based on their own beliefs to serve. And, as luck would have it, many are serving in Iraq. But that’s not their faults; it’s the administration’s. It’s no different than if I have to support an initiative because my administration supports it, even if I disagree with the analysis (or lack thereof).

Communication moves extremely fast nowadays. When you come across something like this, you wonder how long it will take before the other side bites back. I don’t agree with either extreme side of the situation. The eRetailer made the right move by firing the employee, but the employer did not deserve to receive any level of hate speech and mail. Those people are just as guilty as the employee that shot off his opinion. Hate speech is not constitutionally protected speech, and today’s society should be more civilized about it.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article: E-mail to soldier spurs outrage

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