Upgrading to WordPress 2.1

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1. There are a number of improvements and bug fixes. But I just came across a problem with the navigation bar to the right. The coding in the file sidebar.php does not allow me to show my meta links, and there is a strange “0” entry at the end of the archives listing. For a while, the categories listing was missing… it was there the last time I looked.

I had to also move the WordPress and Laughing Squid logos to the top of the bar, along with my e-mail. This is a temporary fix, seeing how I prefer these closer to the bottom of the page.

I also noticed that the footer is now missing from the home page. Although I’ve looked at older and newer versions of the code, I can’t seem to figure out why it disappeared from the new home page. It does appear in FireFox, but then the background disappears halfway down the page.

In the meantime, I’ve rolled back to 2.0.6 (the last version I downloaded). I will continue to watch the WordPress page to see if a fix is released. I may attempt to upgrade again, but I may need to see what’s going on under the hood (even though I don’t know PHP).

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