Midwest Airlines must remain in Milwaukee

I have always admired Midwest Airlines for its unwavering dedication to customer service. I have flown Midwest a number of times, and I admit that I’ve always enjoyed it. Its wide, two-across seating and excellent service make flying a worthwhile experience.

Enter AirTran Airways, who wants to have Midwest’s shareholders vote to allow it to purchase Midwest Airlines. AirTran’s president argues that Midwest will not survive in today’s competitive airline market with its philosophy.

It reminds me of another small company that, despite recent acquisitions, still manages to put customer service and satisfaction before the quick buck. Over 40 years ago, Gary Comer started a small, sailing supply mail-order company that focused more on service and quality than just a product. It soon became a clothing company, but Lands’ End never lost its philosophy of service and quality. Midwest Airlines carries the same philosophy of making the flight a pleasant experience. Other airlines focus on moving people efficiently, resulting in crowded conditions, poor service, and people that generally find flying a chore. Quite honestly, I dislike flying other airlines.

I hope that the stockholders will remember why Midwest Airlines is in business and its philosophy on providing its customers a positive flying experience. In today’s day and age of being herded through airport security and sitting elbow-to-elbow with strangers, Midwest Airlines needs to remain independent and continue its practices of wide, two-across seating and fresh-baked cookies. These are the touches that make it a better airline.

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