Happy Thanksgiving – 2006

This Thanksgiving is a special one for my family. Earlier this year, my sister’s father-in-law was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He is recovering now, and I am thankful that he can spend the day with us. Second, I am thankful that my beautiful girlfriend could spend the day with my family, and that I can spend the day with hers tomorrow. Finally, my dad’s cousin’s son and his family just moved to Wisconsin from Texas recently, and they are spending the day with us. So I am thankful that they could share this special day with us. Thanksgiving for me is about counting the blessings in my life and realizing how fortunate I am to have so many loving people in it. I hope others also realize how fortunate they are to have someone that loves them, not only in their families and friends on Thanksgiving Day, but all year round. So to everyone out there, Happy Thanksgiving!

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