Apple iPod turns 5

Apple’s iPod has been on the market for the past five years, and there doesn’t seem to be any slow down in its staying power. That’s significant, seeing how it not only was a pioneer, but also remains the leader in the market. I think this has to do with Apple’s ability to realize what customers want and makes efforts to deliver.
I remember purchasing my first iPod just three years ago. Back then, you had three choices: 10 GB, 20 GB, or 40 GB. The screen had one color, and it only came in white. Since then, new features were added; screens are now in color, larger ones can play video, anything with a screen can show pictures, and they come as small as a binder clip. In the past five years, the iPod has evolved significantly.

The significance of the iPod is not based only on the device, but also on the business model that Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple Computers) and Apple developed. Apple developed iTunes, the first on-line music store with industry buy-in. It developed a device that commands a high price when others are available at lower prices. The iPod is a very simple device to use and has an intuitive interface. And making iTunes available for Windows opened availability to a greather market. Although not the first on the market, it was certainly a pioneer in making the mp3 player more portable and easier to use.

So, happy birthday iPod!

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