Lands’ End founder Gary Comer dies

It wasn’t just another clothing seller; it was a new way of doing business. Gary Comer, Lands’ End founder, built his business on the idea of developing a relationship with his customers. Lands’ End did not achieve its excellence only by the quality of its casual and professional clothing, but also for its excellent customer service. He once stated, “We believe that what is best for our customer is best for all of us.”

Working for Lands’ End as a part-time service associate, I am sad to see Comer’s passing. He was a true pioneer in both developing a better product and developing better service. His achievements should not be overlooked, and his spirit should continue to live on within the Lands’ End product. Anything short of excellent quality and customer service is an insult to his name and to the brand.

As Lands’ End looks toward its future, I hope it will realize that Comer’s vision of providing a quality product at a fair price and a fair value will continue to be the center of the Lands’ End culture. As current Lands’ End CEO David McCreight stated, “American business has lost an icon”; let’s see that icon’s dream continue. article: Lands’ End founder Comer dies at 78

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