The facts mean nothing when you’re selling out Congress

Here is a perfect example of useful statistical analysis being sold out to the mighty dollar. The following article shows that US Representative Sensenbrenner (R-Menomonee Falls, WI) would rather ignore statistical analysis and give in to the National Rifle Association lobby than to allow law enforcement to use the tools at their disposal to prosecute those that use guns to commit violent crimes.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Sensenbrenner said opponents of the bill such as Barrett were ‘attempting to use statistics to take guns away from law-abiding citizens,’ and that the bill protected privacy rights of gun sellers and buyers without limiting law enforcement.” Perhaps Sensenbrenner is not aware that statistical analysis provides objective analysis of data and is used in making business and governmental decisions. He seems to believe that arms sellers have some unwritten right to privacy… I don’t remember reading about that in my constitutional law classes.

I don’t oppose law abiding citizens from owning guns; some of my best friends are gun owners. They have every right to hunt or shoot for sport. I do, however, oppose the use of guns for criminal shootings and fear. Our society has pushed the use of guns into the hands of such criminals, and so we need to control this trend. If society were perfect, the guns would only come out when needed for sport and game; but because they are used for crime, I support some measure for controlling the sale of firearms and ammunition.

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