Milwaukee loses great leader

Former Milwaukee Mayor Frank Zeidler died on Friday, July 7, at the age of 93. He was a principled mayor that served from 1948 to 1960. He lived by his principles until his final moments, and he will always be remembered for his generosity.

I had the honor of meeting Frank Zeidler when I was still in school. He came and spoke to one of my classes. Even at the age of 87, he was sharp and insightful, and he offered so many important lessons, such as taking care of those that need it, speaking out against war (this was before 9/11, mind you), and smart urban growth. It was truly remarkable to learn from one of Milwaukee’s greatest leaders.

The following articles are from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. They really provide wonderful sentiments and descriptions of Mayor Zeidler’s work and life. The final link is for a book that he published just last year (I haven’t read it yet). As he stated, he wanted to “discharge the contents of my mind.”

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Cohesive party, family legacy helped win election

Mayor served ‘the public welfare’

A Liberal in City Government – My Experience as Mayor of Milwaukee, Frank P. Zeidler