Second-hand smoke deadlier than last thought

US Surgeon General Richard Carmona announced today that breathing any amount of second-hand smoke, no matter how small, is harmful to anyone’s health. It asserts that even separate smoking sections within the same building is not enough to protect people from the dangerous effects of second-hand smoke. This supports bans on prohibiting smoking in public places.

In the past, I opposed imposing a smoking ban on businesses, believing that it is up to citizens to decide whether or not they should patronize a place that allows smoking. But as Madison’s smoking ban approaches its first year since its enactment, I realize how much easier it is to eat and drink in places that are not smoky. When I visited Scotland earlier this month, looking for a smoke-free restaurant or tavern/pub was not an issue, because the government there passed a nation-wide smoking ban. So I now support a smoking ban.

AP article: Surgeon general warns of secondhand smoke