Latin American citizens’ convention missing US Representative

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is holding a convention in Milwaukee this week. The topics for discussion include the proposed legislation to make immigration laws more strict. This legislation was introduced by US Representative James Sensenbrenner. But instead of facing the group that he is discriminating, his spokesperson claims that Sensenbrenner is in session and has other events to attend. Ironically, Sensenbrenner is from Menomonee Falls, which borders Milwaukee’s northwest corner. It’s interesting how he thinks he can justify this as an issue for the American people but can’t actually face the sole group that he seeks to legislate. In my opinion, that is a cowardice approach.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article: Convention aims to inform, empower Latinos

Second-hand smoke deadlier than last thought

US Surgeon General Richard Carmona announced today that breathing any amount of second-hand smoke, no matter how small, is harmful to anyone’s health. It asserts that even separate smoking sections within the same building is not enough to protect people from the dangerous effects of second-hand smoke. This supports bans on prohibiting smoking in public places.

In the past, I opposed imposing a smoking ban on businesses, believing that it is up to citizens to decide whether or not they should patronize a place that allows smoking. But as Madison’s smoking ban approaches its first year since its enactment, I realize how much easier it is to eat and drink in places that are not smoky. When I visited Scotland earlier this month, looking for a smoke-free restaurant or tavern/pub was not an issue, because the government there passed a nation-wide smoking ban. So I now support a smoking ban.

AP article: Surgeon general warns of secondhand smoke

My new blogging system

This is a test of my new blogging software, WordPress. I posted this in a special area of my Web site. It’s currently a sandbox at the moment, since I’d like to integrate it into my current site structure. I’ll play around with it as time permits and see how testing and development goes. Since it is still a work in progress, the comments will remain off.

About this site

This is the official Brian Shah Web site. I consider myself an average joe that likes to write, especially about things that move me. Whether any of it makes sense or not is a different story.

This site is a way for me to share information about mysefl, my thoughts and my experiences, and my pictures. I intend to share updates on my life (as unexciting as it is) and issues that I care about.

I also invite others to share their comments on my posts, but I require that you to keep it clean and non-defamatory. Personal attackes are not permitted. I want to maintain a safe haven for others to share their ideas, even if I disagree. That’s what democracy and free speech are all about.

Who am I really?

I realized that I don’t have a link to my primary Web site. Likewise, people may not know who I am. I am the author of Brian’s Virtual Lair, found at the following URL:

I’ve also added some information to the “about me” section of this site.

My first blog entry in WordPress

I guess “hello world” is a start, but I hate making such a typical splash into the new world. I have to admit, though, that I plan on using this as more of a test… I hope to incorporate this into my Web site in the future.

At this time, I am not allowing people to post comments on this blog, because this is a test blog (at this time, anyway). As I continue to test this, I may add information about my primary Web site.

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New interim blog

I just signed up for a free blog on I hope to use WordPress and see if I can pull it into this Web site. I’ve named it Brian’s simple blog, and it’s only a test site for now. I’ve turned off comments because it is a temporary site. I hope to play around with it some more offline and figure out how to incorporate it into this site. Adding it may require some site changes, but I don’t plan on making significant aesthetic changes (I like this simple interface).