Smoke-free Scotland

Scotland passed a law that prohibits smoking in public areas; this act went into effect on March 26, 2006. What impresses me about Scotland’s site is that it also promotes quitting smoking, not just banning it, by providing a phone number (I suggest calling only if you’re in Scotland). Wisconsin is on the right track, but it needs to take legislation further statewide, especially through legislation. Only then will becoming smoke-free show some promise.

Clearing the Air Scotland Web site:

Kevin’s surgery

My cousin Kevin had his surgery today. As I reported recently, a malignant tumor was found inside his mouth. My aunt reported today that his surgery was successful, and that the doctors expect that he’ll be out of intensive care and back in the ward by tomorrow evening. I am just happy to hear that all went well, and that he’ll be likely be ready for his brother’s wedding in June. Tonight’s blog is dedicated to his speedy and successful recovery.

Bird flu movie

ABC decided to air “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America” tonight. I won’t pass judgment until I actually watch it, but here are some sites that should provide some insight. Before you get scared, though, I suggest reading information on the first two sites.

US Department of Health and Human Services’ site on Avian Influenza

Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services site on Avian Influenza

ABC News: Bird Flu Hitting TV Screens May 9

ABC Original Movie: Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America