My cousin has cancer

I just found out this evening that my cousin Kevin was just diagnosed with muco epidermal carcinoma in his mouth. This is a malignant tumor that will need to be surgically removed along with three glands in four to six weeks. What’s frightening is that he is the same age as my sister (31 years old), and just a little younger than me.

Kevin and I hung out when I visited the United Kingdom just a few years ago. He introduced me to a couple of his friends, and he was nice enough to cart me around London and Croydon a few times. He’s a very down-to-earth guy and really accommodating. He is a hard worker and a good person. To say he doesn’t deserve this is an understatement. But his spirits are up, and I hope to spend some time with him when I attend his brother’s wedding in Scotland this summer.

Tonight’s blog is dedicated to Kevin, his family, and his friends.