An interesting quote on Lincoln

I finally got around to watching the three-hour documentary “Lincoln” on the History Channel. Gore Vidal, author of the historical fiction “Lincoln” gives such a great quote during this documentary. It’s so revealing that I had to repeat it and add it to my list of quotes (which I haven’t updated in a very long time). The quote is in reference to Lincoln’s actions during the American Civil War.

“Lincoln made himself dictator. I could see how right wingers would be very fascinated by how you could become beloved by everybody. National hero. Suspend habeas corpus. Do in the fourth amendment. Do all kinds of… freedom of speech; the first amendment. Shut down newspapers. I mean, every dictatorial thing you could do he did out of military necessity, which is written in the constitution. Others later, whom I shall not name, have invoked this and pretended that they were wartime presidents when they were not. The war against terror is like a war against dandruff; I mean, it’s a metaphor; it’s not about anything. The Civil War is a little more serious.”